Im in the process of making a crew video and I need that software to transfer my video to my pc They are pretty cheap. You can get it off the site!!!! Please someone help me. I googled richard yates and pixela, and found out Mr. Berny Gold Member Username:

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This is just virus software.

PIXELA Application Disc Ver – Specifications and system requirements | PIXELA CORPORATION

pixela imagemixer for sony TargetCast and Pixela are beyond their legal limits to object to any registered dealers supplying the replacement software.

They supply the software on CD only. We gotta understand they need to make some money too, right? Now, we have the motive. It is the ISO of the disk and works just fine. There are no updates on sony site, please help. Posted on Tuesday, August 18, – Posted on Thursday, July 20, – Purchased new hitachi dvd cam, bx35a, but this model does not come with any software to allow me to transfer my recordings to my pc pixela imagemixer for sony burning or movie making.

Posted on Friday, December 07, – There is no way the software is illegal as claimed by Kan. It worked for me.

PIXELA ImageMixer Ver.1.0 for Sony

pixela imagemixer for sony Andy Pickston Unregistered guest. After checking the Internet to see about buying a new copy, I found out from one site and later confirmed by Sony that even if I bought Picture Package, it wouldn’t work on my pc as it has Windows XP SP3 installed. Richard Yates finally responed!!

I am not going to post any message until I clarify the situation. I doubt he is doing the same thing with Nikon or Adobe software. I expect that Hans is the mastermind behind pixela imagemixer for sony. Can’t blame Berny for getting so riled up about so many who want something for nothing; but here goes, If you have patience and RTFM [google it if you don’t know], the website and FAQ will pixela imagemixer for sony you how to set up VLC [ http: I bought this camera second hand only to realise i need a software to use it.

Could someone please send it to me at mcnrocketsmcn yahoo. The contact information is above and if you have a problem, deal with it correctly.

Pixela Imagemixer Ver. 1.0 for sony

Fauwad New member Username: Posted on Thursday, August 04, – I think you’ll find that Kan is in fact Nick Kovac. I am going to try your suggestions and see how it pixela imagemixer for sony out.

Therefore, if media is missing or damaged it should be replaced, similar to how Microsoft or any other vendor would do it. My e-mail is hosa yahoo.

In fact, Digital Relay Inc. Posted on Tuesday, January 10, – The software can make your movie automaticaly in a few minutes.

Pixela – 1 : ImageMixer – FAQ

How did you know Mr. Patrick Seve New member Username: But, it’s after dinner time in my zone. Spend the money on decent video editing software.

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