Pavel Vladov January 20, at Pavel Vladov May 14, at 1: Pavel Vladov May 13, at I read what you post and am happy to see this Then, Pavel, how do I have both good image and a higher fps?? To check out the amount of memory your Intel HD Graphics is using right click on your desktop, select Screen resolution , click Advanced settings and select the Adapter tab if it’s not selected already.

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It’s very good, completely free and best of all – does not contain any adware or malware add-ons or toolbars like many other free players, so I recommend you download and install it.

Depending on the way you use your computer you may or may not see any real world performance difference from going to intel hd graphics dynamic video memory technology 5.0. Usually there’s a search box where you can enter you laptop’s exact model number. I’ve followed your helpful hints but not seen any real improvement. Pavel Vladov January 21, at Is it recommended to download the driver from the laptop manufacturer or just download it from intel website? If you are on a laptopit is best to visit the website of you laptop’s manufacturer and find the web page related to your laptop.

Pavel Vladov May 13, at Will gta 4 work on it? Just brief me on the magnitude of improvement if I get additional RAM. Search for it on the Internet and you will find the exact solution Good luck! Unfortunately, some games are misguided by the dedicated memory reported by Windows for Intel HD Graphics it’s not dedicated actually and refuse to start.

Intel® HD Graphics Drivers and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers

The 64 MB shown by Windows as dedicated is not actually dedicated but is the minimum amount of shared memory your Intel HD Graphics is using. I was wondering if I could get an external graphics card even though I don’t have a pcie port?

If you can find a variant with a Haswell i3 CPU and Intel HD for similar price, get it instead, because it’s integrated graphics is faster than both Intel HD and Radeon HD m and it’s power consumption is better optimized, so the laptop will also have longer battery life. For example, your scores in graphics testing programs like 3D Mark should become better and the FPS in most of the games should also increase. Snigdho May 13, at 9: The other people said that to improve performance of Intel HD Graphics is adjust the ‘3D Preference’ to quality not performance.

Of cource if it plays Doom 3 on high settings then it will play Quake 4 on high settings intel hd graphics dynamic video memory technology 5.0. Marc June 4, at 4: I suggest you search try Google for example for a patch or a solution that makes the game work with Intel HD Graphics. I haven’t tested to ultra settings yet though. I have Dell Vostro, i5, 4gb and it allows me for x resolution.

All the Intel i series comes with the same Intel Intel hd graphics dynamic video memory technology 5.0 graphics. Regarding the games that require a given amount of dedicated video memory to run, check out my other article: Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

You laptop’s manufacturer graphics driver may be older than the generic Intel driver, but at least it is tested exactly for your specific configuration and will function properly. Lubna Iqbal June 17, at Hi, and thank you for the nice guide.

Pavel Vladov June 9, at I also suggest you lower the resolution of the games to x or even x and the frame rates will improve a lot, x is simply too much for Intel HD Graphics to handle games in only old games may be playable at this resolution. Intel HD Graphics technoloyy currently the most common laptop GPU, graphiccs most of the game vendors make their games compatible with it sooner or later.

Dynamic video memory technology – Wikipedia

I’ve been using it for years and have not found a movie that it can’t play yet. I did all of that and i am able to play dirt 3 now, I love it!

I just saw a notebook that had a Intel MHD video chip and something that was interesting is that this is what it says.

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