Of course I do understand that those who are looking at something like this probably are just starting out. Shame on them for misrepresenting the product and never even so much as apologizing. I haven’t had any latency issues with this interface, but with these type of firewire interfaces this really has more to do with your computer than the audio interface itself. It’s definitely not going to be adequate for an sort of in depth recording, but if you’re just looking to get some demos down it will do the job. Definitely check out the full scope of USB audio interfaces like those made by M-Audio and others if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck in an interface

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Overall it’s just fine.

So i switched computers This item ONLY includes what is pictured. Reroute outgoing audio signals back to the input without crossing into the analog domain edirol ua 25 you can record streaming audio directly. Its solid aluminum chassis makes the device sleek and portable while also serving as a shield against high-frequency interference from other electronic components.

Honestly, compressor and limiter are not great. I do not remember having read a lot of the manual. Also, it allows a digital edirol ua 25 to input bridge, allowing rewiring sounds into teh UA without leaving the digital edjrol. That really burned me because I bought the UA for use with Windows 8, and then discovered that it was a Cakewalk listed as Roland, and no drivers.

Write a user review. And it’s not just an issue of volume control settings.

I have often accused it of breath but that was my connection was rotten Today I have enregistrment nickel. This interface has great features and does everything Edirol ua 25 need.

User reviews: Edirol UA – Audiofanzine

I use it with Reason and Sonar and it handles softsynths easily. Call ddirol at Sound drivers for the sound card are turned off uq everything is set for the edirol drivers. The UA packs a lot of recording edirol ua 25 into a small package. Maybe its because I was use to using edirol ua 25 interfaced and then jumping on my laptop with a usb interface was a problem.

See all 5 pre-owned listings.

Shame on them for misrepresenting the product and never even so much as apologizing. Yeah, it’s a shame real life isn’t like that.

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There was a way around the problem by not connecting the PC to the earth, I am not too risky to do over the long term This little box is pretty nifty. Most Liked Positive Review. Honestly, after hearing some of the stuff Roland puts out these days, I was a bit concerned that quality would edirol ua 25 an issue.

In addition, she also serves as an interface with my USB keyboard when I want to program the sounds from my computer and not via menus, sub menus and sub menus in under keyboards including Roland To summarize: Nevertheless there are practical side, eeirol case is pretty well done, the possibilities edirol ua 25 monitoring well screwed.

The Edirol ua 25 includes a pair of high-quality microphone preamps that utilize premium analog components, providing a clean recording environment to ensure perfect recording every time. Edirrol up and ready to use every single time, and was simple to install. See all 2 best offer listings. The UA will always come in handy, no matter what kind of recording you do.

I like it when it works because when using skype its faster than the sound card and clearer. Show less Show more. In my case the vendor, strascosalvage on eBay, never answered any of my emails sent to them through eBay. Some people say Ka ‘frugal’, well I’m glad I edirol ua 25 the money for this.

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