The problem seems to change a little each time I reboot the computer but always ends locking up or crashing causing harddrive problems. Sounds like a bad screen to me. Hey thanks for your reply. I loaded the recovery disc in the pc. As I do this the display lights up for a few seconds and then off again.

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This parallel plug will not work on newer Toshiba laptops. Mm35-s320 the reddish video appeared again as soon as I replaced the screen.

The first laptop is an Acer Aspire that is dim throughout the boot process but a Toshiba M45 has a good screen for about 10 seconds, flickers and then goes dim.

It means there is nothing wrong with the inverter. My laptop looks just like toshiba satellite m35-s320 one in example 5,I was wondering how much it toshiba satellite m35-s320 cost to replace it?

Do you have any ideas on what needs to be replaced next? Chatur March 1, I am not sure toshiba satellite m35-s320 the mother board died or if the video card died or if the hard drive died.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Unplug the adapter, remove the battery, wait for 1 minute, plug the adapter and try turning it on. I have disassembled and cleaned the laptop internally, it works fine on an external display crtwhen satelljte took it apart toshlba was toshiba satellite m35-s320 of soup on the lcd video cable. After I got it back, it worked for about five days and then in the middle of watching a video, it froze.

It works fine for minutes and then the screen goes gray with a few horizontal white lines. Can you give me toshiba satellite m35-s320 help in how to get the old part to remove and replace it?

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Also I did connect all of the extra wires together Thanks Ed. Also, there were intermittent times when the flickering lasted as long as a few toshiba satellite m35-s320.

I try to give my password but it says is incorrect and I am sure of the password. I have an old S which, within a few minutes of running, shows an increasing amount of random pixel trash on the screen — similar to some of your screenshots both on LCD and external monitor; shows as toshiba satellite m35-s320 ASCII characters during boot-up.

DC Toshiba satellite m35-s320 by Make and Model.

If replacing motherboard, can it be upgraded to C board and Toshiba satellite m35-s320 processor? I would check tkshiba thermal grease on the CPU is still good and reapply it if needed. Thanks for a great site. After getting the laptop I found it difficult to test the hardware as there were many important files missing in Windows XP and it would not run properly.

I tried resinstalling drivers and direct x with no luck. Test the laptop with an external monitor. Billy 1 March 7, Gonna build my own desktop, that way I can fix it easily. The parallel plug will not work, there are no jumpers to short. In this case I would try reseating the video cable first, it will eliminate any toshiba satellite m35-s320 related issues. How can I resolve toshiba satellite m35-s320

Here are two more screens. Took apart the lcd housing, and satelliet it back again, but to no avail. I just wanted to provide an update on my situation. Toshiba satellite m35-s320 September 29, The laptop was not subject to any falls or accidents! Efrain Alvarez November 21, I started using an external toshiba satellite m35-s320 whenever possible but that kind of defeats the point of a laptop.

It has a bad display.

Toshiba Sound / Audio Drivers Download

m35-s230 If you have any questions, please comment below. I can reproduce the effect by using the gradient tool in photoshop sate,lite sliding the near black part of a gradated image to the right side of toshiba satellite m35-s320 screen. For use with 65 watt 3. You can take your laptop to the authorized repair service center and they should remove the password at toshiba satellite m35-s320 charge. If the external monitor displays characters fine and the problem appears only on the internal LCD screen, then it could be the screen problem.

What can I do??? Not likely, but possible. I connected the laptop to an external monitor and it showed the same thing. A bad video cable would affect image on the whole screen, not just in the top toshiba satellite m35-s320 corner.

My question is this.

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