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IBM Cognos 10 is the next downlpad of the leading performance management, analysis, and reporting standard for mid- to large-sized companies. Naming data containers lists, crosstabs, and charts for use in Cognos Workspace.

To accomplish this an author can include the information they want to hide on a card of a Deck and create an empty card in the same Deck.

As shown in the image below, on the Sales Overview Card there are three separate Data Decks that are needed to achieve the desired functionality. This will prevent the reporting application from becoming unnecessarily etudio.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition

When an IBM Cognos Active Report is converted to a template, query-related information is removed in addition data related variables, connections between controls, and interactive behaviour are also removed. Rport save screen real estate the report author can choose to hide areas of a reporting application.

Defining page orientation and size and overriding them for one page.

With IBM Cognos Active Report identified as the proper ibm cognos report studio cookbook pdf download, the author must now ibm cognos report studio cookbook pdf download what information needs to be included in the dashboard to solve the business problem. Our world is filled with these givers, takers, matchers and fakers.

The dashboard proposal should now be communicated with key stakeholders to align on the content, layout and level of detail. How to Discuss What Matters Most.

Working with Dimensional Models. If the size of a deck is not constrained and animation is enabled then the new card could potentially animate in from across the screen, which creates an undesirable experience for the end user. The first row will hold the title text, the second row contains the Button Bar that selects the visible section and the third row will hold the Deck that contains each main section on a Card.

A selection expression that is a combination of the variables containing the desired year and product can be used to choose the proper card. As shown in the figure below, the Maximum Hotspots setting can be found in the Miscellaneous section on the Properties pane for both Charts and Maps.

A Data List Box provides the report author the ability to supply the available selections in a drop down list based on the record set returned by a specified data item. A Data Toggle Button Bar provides the report author the ability to display multiple selectable buttons based on the number of records returned by a data item.

Then it ascends to advanced techniques and tricks to overcome Studio limitations. To simplify the interactive behavior logic, an author should avoid nesting a data container inside another data container.

Published by Harvard Business Review Press. In order to create the desired layout, it will be necessary to nest Tables inside of Decks or Table Cells. When connected to a variable it will allow the iterator control to filter or select values from a data container.

IBM developerWorks : cognos 10 free download

In the image below, the IBM Cognos Active Report application simply consists of a data button bar populated with the Product line query item.

Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. A variable can be used to determine whether the card with content or the blank card should be shown.

Once the objects and controls are properly placed, the interactivity can be authored into the reporting application.

The following sections will step a user through the process that should be followed when designing an IBM Cognos Active Report. Develop, deploy, and manage your apps in the cloud The IBM Ibm cognos report studio cookbook pdf download platform has everything you need to get started. Since a single version of the output is shared, each downlosd consumes the same reporting application and role based security is not honoured.

Through his experience, teport has been exposed to many industries such as banking and finance, oil and gas, education, and the automotive industry.

An alternative to the cascading prompt ibm cognos report studio cookbook pdf download provides similar functionality and benefits for efficiently making hierarchical selections is the tree control. A Continuous Values Slider provides the report author a slider which can be used to filter or select a data container based on manually entered numeric values. This Data Deck will have a Table with two rows and one column placed on its Card. This technique cannot be used to create tooltips embedded in charts.

IBM Cognos Active Report 10.2 Cookbook

However, variables, connections, and interactive behavior that use data items that were created in static controls remain in the template. This is Ahmed’s first technical book. This functionality is demonstrated in the supporting file Sliding to Visualize Changes. It bridges the gap between basic training provided by manuals or trainers and the practical techniques learned over years of practice.

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