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The module will reply OKyour set name. First thing you need to do is identify your module.

HC 05 Datasheet | Bluetooth | Usb

In that case you’ll have hc 05 bluetooth pdf download solder a wire to the 34th pin of the bt module. Here is an important note, if the key pin is not high, i. To be on safer side, you should connect it to 3. Once the module is in AT mode, open arduino. First you’ll have to short the key pin with the Vcc. Just power up the module and pass the AT commands to modify the default settings. Hence, if you are not able to complete a command entry within a second, it will be ignored.

Having multiple bluetooth modules hc 05 bluetooth pdf download the same name can be confusing. You need level shifters on the module’s signal inputs. Did you make this project? Disconnect Vcc, check your circuit and try again. None of them seem to be connected to any pins of module. Bluetoot pin will not be needed.

There exists somewhere a schematic I found of those little breakout boards that shows them – I’m sure google could find it blueyooth you needed. HC06 does not require key pin. This is not true. No space between name and dkwnload. It can be either HC05 or HC So I dont know how many hardware boards every Tom Dick and Harry made that sells those modules, but at least my 3 have the level shifters.

So there is no hc 05 bluetooth pdf download led blinking that it is in AT mode like HC05 has. This guide now covers HC module too.

Right clicking on Tera term console will automatically paste the copied line and execute immediately. I soldered a male header to mine but if you can’t solder or don’t want to, then you can just hold a wire the pointy end of a male to male jumper wire would be convenient while connecting the Vcc to 5volt. Press hc 05 bluetooth pdf download and a connection will be established.

Supposedly outputs the Bluetooth connection status. To confirm the device identity, you can power up the module, search for new device on your pc or mobile, and look for HC05 or HC06 on found device list.

AT Command Mode of HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth Module

This pin has to be pulled high to enter AT mode. Hcc HC05 can act as both master and slave whereas HC06 functions only as slave.

We have a be nice policy. Alternatively for HC, you can use an arduino board.

But to your point, if you do use the board hc 05 bluetooth pdf download, yes, you must use TTL level! HC 06 AT commands are limited, all I could find are hc 05 bluetooth pdf download here. The bt module is now communicating at a baud rate of Share it with us! If it does not work then there’s a chance that your KEY pin of the module is not really soldered to the KEY of the main chip, i.

Putty didn’t work I have no idea why. The changed name will downloar. Any other usb to ttl converter will do too. Also check the local echo box under newline. TXD Serial output pin. Now you can change the name of the module, retrieve address or version or even reset to factory settings. But you can still change the name by the command mentioned above.

Arduino AND Bluetooth HC Connecting Easily: 5 Steps

Indicated range is 3. I found that arduino works fine. Also connect their ground but don’t connect the Vcc yet.

So once the module is connected to usb-ttl converter and powered up, open arduino, select the usb-ttl com port, set baud rate to The ones that reply”Firmware version: It appears to have changed with a hc 05 bluetooth pdf download update, but I didnt get into them enough yet to see any more differences. If the led blinks faster then AT mode was not entered.

On the other hand, if you use Tera term you have to write down the AT commands in a notepad, than copy-paste it to Tera term.

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