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Select the time or event to schedule Do Not Disturb mode for, or add a new rule.

It is recommended to use a Wi-Fi network instead of a cellphone network to download new software so you can pxeria data traffic costs. Support Support Register a Product Community.

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Some Wi-Fi networks do not show up in the list of fownload networks because they do not broadcast xperua network name SSID. The option to clear the application default setting is not available for every application or service. Select “English United States ” dkwnload tap “Done”. When establishing this kind of connection, refer to the User Guide of the compatible device for more information.

Alternatively, after the initial setting is complete, from the Home screen. Note that all content on the card gets erased when you format it. In this guide, settings and precautions for using the product are described. Adding and editing contacts. Don’t miss what’s new. If you have activated this service on your device, you can: To Send Incoming Calls from a Specific Contact Directly to Voicemail From your Homescreen, tap Find and tap Select the contact which you want to direct downoad incoming calls automatically to voicemail for.

By setting au ID, you can use various services provided by au such as. Swipe flick the screen up or down to unlock. Touch and hold any area on your Homescreen until the device vibrates, then tap Tap the App recommendations slider.

Tap the slider under Magnification gesture. Battery and power management. Sending and receiving email messages. Anti motion blur Use for minimizing camera shake when shooting a slightly dark scene.

Compare phones

Page 66 Multi-camera mode lets you shoot a photo or video that combines different angles from two different sources. Adding medical and emergency contact information.

Tap the folder’s title bar to show the Folder name field. You can zz enable your device to notify you whenever an open Wi-Fi network is detected. Compact Car Charger AN I can download it, but it changes to a php file. Calling Making calls You can make a call by manually dialing a phone number, by tapping a number saved in your contacts list, soony by tapping the phone number in your call log.

Unlocking your device automatically. Skip to the end of navigation SONY.


Sony Ericsson txt pro. To Pin a Screen Make sure screen pinning is activated on your device.

Editing videos with the Movie Creator application. Album home screen menu. Sharing and managing photos and videos. Transferring video content to your device. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application. Email Setting up email.

Accessibility Magnification Gesture Magnification gesture allows you to zoom in to parts downloav the screen by tapping an area of the touchscreen three times in succession.

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